‘Fractal Communities’ journey is a unique opportunity for an experiential interchange of knowledge through a systemic thinking methodology and biomimecry practices, for the creation of a strong link between people from around the world, the Nabusímake, Arhuaco´s indigenous community and the biodiversity surrounding them.

This allows and promotes an appreciation and preservation of nature and each other’s culture by enhancing the intrinsic value of ancestral knowledge, nature’s wisdom and the enabling evolution into a cohesive system with strong social tissue.Moreover, it allows for the possibility to generate an innovative and sustainable project for the Nabusímake community’s benefit, which would ease current challenges due to their distinctive practices and their differences with the state/government.  

We convoke 15 people whom actively want to participate on an immersive 10 day- long journey into the community and have:

  • Expertise on their professional field
  • The ability to prototype
  • The sensibility to interrelate with different human essences´ and dynamics
  • Seeks the understanding of social complexity and to add to social change
  • Is looking for the sole spiritual experience of living with the Nabusímake´s community during the length of the journey.



  • Designers (from all disign fields)
  • Arquitects, ubanists, landscape architecs
  • Engineers and any member of R&D teams
  • Anthropologist, Sociologists, Biologists
  • Social innovators
  • Biomimetic fellows
  • Business people with an interest on associative and economic ecosystems.

About the process

The synesthesia proposed for this journey, can happen based on sprouting processes which follow a systemic thinking methodology:

  • To interchange dynamics, experiences and knowledge from the summoneds to the community and viceversa in order to understand a current challenge that the Nabusímake community is facing. In this stage, the community consciously understands their own social systems/dynamics thus being able to take decisions to improve the quality of their own system.
  • To learn from nature and how to observe it through biomimecry eyes. This demands a direct interaction with the natural environment and a practical application of the biomimetric methodology in order to pose an innovative and sustainable solution to the community´s challenge. In this stage the community learns from nature´s processes and development systems thus adapt and replicate them as a model to improve their own social systems and dynamics.
  • To map out a proposed solution for the community´s particular challenge. In this stage the summoned contribute and expedite the development processes that the community is going through to come up with a solution for a current challenge.
  • To build a structure for the community in order to bring about the solution into reality. In this stage all together biomimic and construct (OR BIO-CONSTRUCT) a useful and context designed structure for the community as a useful token of knowledge, unity and growth.

The community will be instructed into an intensive local biodiversity focused biomimecry methodology in order to harvest the knowledge before the journey begins. This will facilitate the biomimetic design process to solve the challenge chosen by the community in the first workshop.


  • Context: Who are you, what can you offer and what are you good for?  

  • Recognition of the territory, cultures and community´s challenges.  

  • Biomimetic process.  

  • Social learning and its link to innovation.

  • Synthesis team: prototype, test and reflect. Create link to next step.